Kirk Pfeiffer M.S. L.Ac. cSMA


Kirk Pfeiffer M.S. LAc. cSMA is owner and head acupuncturist at Uptown Acupuncture. Kirk received his HHP massage certification in 1999. He became a licensed acupuncturist in 2002. He has always known that treating pain was going to be his specialty. While still in school Kirk was able to apprentice under Dr. Richard Tan, an internationally renowned acupuncture pain specialist. Kirk completed the prestigious sports medicine acupuncture certification in 2013, the most comprehensive program of its kind available. Kirk loves to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in pain treatment technology. One of his clients referred to him as “The Muscle Whisperer”.

Kirk has the unique ability to explain what is happening to their bodies to a patient in a way they can understand, by painting a picture with relevant analogies. His favorite analogies reference cars and computers, common things we can all relate to.

Because of Kirks work the last few years in the worker’s compensation system where he was referred clients by the primary treating physician; Kirk is very skilled at assessing information from MRIs, x-rays, nerve conduction studies and ortho/neuro evaluation techniques. He understands other modalities and how they work, like physical therapy, injections, chiropractic, massage, personal training and what they bring to the table. Kirk loves to work in conjunction with western doctors to provide lasting pain relief to their patients. Kirk has no problem writing reports for MDs or insurance companies documenting functional improvements his clients are receiving.

Kirk accepts workers compensation cases, personal injury cases like auto accidents, insurance co-pays, and cash/credit card payments. Kirk is a preferred provider in most insurance networks.