facial-rejuv-230Have you considered the benefits of acupuncture?

Specifically the benefits of sports acupuncture therapy. Keep in mind that acupuncture is a medical science that’s an alternative to physical therapy that’s been around for thousands of years. That’s what we specialize in here at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego. The tradition of acupuncture therapy for treating chronic and acute pain is a true method of healing based on certain points in the body that when stimulated, allow the body to function better based on the body’s flow of energy. The overall benefit of acupuncture in comparison to traditional western medicine is that it treats the problem itself instead of the symptom.

“it treats the problem itself instead of the symptom”

Specifically, in modern times it’s gained popularity with professional athletes that have sought pain relief for their injuries. For many athletes, it’s made a lot more sense to get treated holistically with acupuncture rather than to have to suffer through a surgery that may or may not fix a problem that will leave the athlete scarred, and not fully capable of continuing in their career.

What are the benefits of receiving acupuncture to treat an injury besides traditional methods of physical therapy?

The first benefit would be that it works. You’ve heard the saying, “there’s nothing new under the sun”? Well that may or may not be true. In acupuncture the tradition of healing is so old that acupuncture methods have been time tested and proven to work based on various conditions and injuries throughout the ages. All of this time and knowledge has led to a considerable wealth of knowledge that we use to heal you at our office here at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego.
In fact, in the modern era of sports, acupuncture has not become a mere choice to certain professional sports teams and athletes but a definite necessity. As I mentioned before, many athletes receive acupuncture to avoid painful surgeries that take a long time to rehabilitate from. However, many athletes will use acupuncture before the point that they have to have surgery, in order to guarantee the longevity of their career. For example, Jaromir Jagr of the Pittsburgh Penguins made the choice to use acupuncture to treat a painful groin injury. After his treatment was completed, he responded saying, “It’s too bad I didn’t do it last season, or earlier this season…I just took it once and it helped me. I’ve got no problem. No pain. And at least I know that if I have the problem again, I have a cure.” Jagr further responded about his treatment,

“…it was like a miracle to me and I’m glad I did it. At least I can play again.” ~Jaromir Jagr, Pro Hockey Player

When an athlete receives a painful injury, he or she has traditionally been confronted by a few thoughts. “Will I get over this? Can I still play? Will my injury affect the rest of the team? Will this affect my career?” Now however, for many athletes, the first thought is, “Will my acupuncturist be able to fix this before the next game?” In fact, athletes have helped to popularize the holistic practice of acupuncture due to the large success rate that it’s provided for them, allowing them to continue their professional sports careers. Not only professional athletes use acupuncture, but also semi-professional and college athletes have used acupuncture as well. In fact,

most professional sports teams now have a team acupuncturist.

Traditionally, injuries are the true thing that have made or broken athletes. The most common injury which has ruined many athlete’s career are knee injuries. With the constant pressure and on an athlete’s knees from running and jumping and bending and squatting, the knees over time if not treated can be a painful end to an athlete’s career. Orthopedic acupuncture is the answer to this potentially career ending problem. In a study of 570 osteoarthritis patients, or patients who have arthritis of the knees, that was conducted at the University of Maryland in 2004, some of the patients were tested with acupuncture treatments and others with traditional western treatments. The patients that experienced the most pain relief after their treatments were completed were those that received the acupuncture treatments. With information like this, who can say what really would have truly occurred in the all star career of the former New York Giants football player, Joe Namath. Had he received sufficient acupuncture therapy for his knees after they were injured from osteoarthritis, perhaps he wouldn’t have had to end his career early due to his knee injuries. During the time he played football in the 60’s and 70’s, however, acupuncture wasn’t a very popular form of sports therapy among professional US athletes. Here at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego, we don’t want your sports career to end early.

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