acupuncture san diegoIf you were to walk up to someone on the street and ask them what acupuncture treats, chances they will say pain. Why? Because for over 3000 years Acupuncturists HAVE been treating pain with great results! Now with the integration of technology and western knowledge, we treat it better than ever. Sometimes the needles are put nowhere near the site of pain, which is best for those with swelling and tenderness at the point of pain. I had a patient this week with wrist pain so bad tears were streaming down her face. I had her focus on exactly where in her wrists the pain was and I placed needles in her opposite ankle at corresponding meridian points. I had her check her wrist again, not 10 seconds after putting the needles in and she lifts her head and looks at me stunned, “How did you do that?” she says as she hunts for the point of pain in her wrists,”3 years of school, a master’s degree in Chinese Medicine, and a big student loan, and eight years in practice, that’s how.