sports-230At Uptown Acupuncture San Diego we’re ready to take your pain away through  a time proven ancient system of medicine, treating the problem itself and not just the symptoms.

What’s wrong?  Has that nagging elbow injury been bothering you? You know the one that you got playing Tennis with your  friend  two years ago.  It’s the one that makes you have to wrap your elbow each time you still play tennis with him due to chronic pain and makes you wince  when you have to reach down in that bottom desk drawer at work.

Ever heard of acupuncture or holistic medicine for sports?

I’m talking about acupuncture to treat your injury.  No? Well maybe that’s the reason you still have pain.When most get injured in sports or otherwise, they often think the pain will go away by itself or with the help of an anti-inflammatory like aspirin or Motrin.  I admit these certainly will help ease the pain and will take away the discomfort.  However, they don’t treat the root of the problem.  Acupuncture is the holistic source that will help take your pain away from that nagging old sports injury and make you function again.

How is this possible?

Well it’s a simple concept that goes back through thousands of years of Oriental medicine.  Your body has energy lines.  “Huh? What’s that you say?”  Yes that’s right, lines of energy that affect your every movement.  Acupuncture focuses on these points.  When you injure yourself playing sports, your energy is disrupted and needs to flow naturally again. Otherwise the simple laws of physics come into effect,  for every action has an equal and opposite reaction, or in laymen’s terms, action= you injured, reaction = OUCH!

“But they’re needles!  That sounds like it’ll hurt!”

Well, actually, when the needles are applied, they’re applied to points on your body where you won’t feel a thing except for a prick an a dull achy sensation, often very minute compared to most sports injuries.  “Yeah right, some needles stuck in me are gonna fix my tennis elbow by magic…Riiight.”  No, not magic, energy lines.  They go all the way from your head to your feet.  “Ohh ok, that’s what I hear.  Whenever an athlete gets injured they go to the magical acupuncturist and get healed by magical needles.”

Well, almost…they get healed, but it’s a thousands of years old system of holistic healing. The needles allow the body’s energy to be able to flow again and your body naturally heals.  That’s what we do at Uptown Acupuncture.  We take your pain away help you to heal.

What athletes use acupuncture you say?

Muggsy Bogues of the Charlotte Hornets used  acupuncture to treat his knee pain.  The pain was so bad that it nearly threatened his career in basketball.  After being treated by a acupuncturist, he was back on the court in no time and pain free.  Acupuncture ultimately saved his career.  “Ok, but that’s just one athlete.  He must have been a rare case.” No, actually he’s one of nearly hundreds of professional athletes and semi-professional athletes as well as college athletes that acupuncture has saved their career.

Other athletes such as Steffi Graf,

A Wimbledon champion used sports therapy acupuncture to get rid of pain in her left knee.An Olympic bobsledder, Brian Shimer, used sports therapy acupuncture to get rid of aches and pains he had in his back and legs.  He was ready to bobsled again with literally “the best of them” after his treatment.  If NBA players, Wimbledon champions and world ranked Olympic champions have found out the benefits of acupuncture, don’t you think you should give it a try?

Does this sound like you?

“But I’m no professional athlete.  Gees, I’m just a guy that likes to play tennis on the weekend with Bill.”  Yes, maybe, but do you want to continue to stay in pain and only allow your injury to get worse over time or do you want to heal and be pain free?

Visits to us might cost you as little as $10.

We offer free insurance screening and in this troubled economy, you should should have access to quality treatments at an affordable price.

Acupuncture works!!

That’s what I want you to understand.  Time and time again holistic acupuncture has healed athletes of their injuries and allowed them to continue their profession pain free.  Even if you’re not a professional athlete or a world class Olympian, why not get healed as well as one?  The longer that you take to decide to fix that injury, the worse it will become.  Come to San Diego Acupuncture and let us help you.  We’ll apply treatment to you so that overtime, your injury and pain will be a distant memory and you’ll be yourself once again.