unique-acupuncture-230Acupuncturist are a very special breed of healer working with a very special style of medicine. We treat each patient as an individual with a unique history and story. We read the patient in terms of patterns of disharmony ad treat accordingly. Not everyone coming in for an ulcer, for instance, will receive the same point prescription. Here is my favorite analogy for this difference, since I am a foodie.

Let’s use the example of an ulcer, Western Medicine Practioners will either give you a blocker for the acid, or something to neutralize its PH., both a temporary fix requiring continual drug taking as long as there is a problem. If you liken an ulcer to the burning of soup at the bottom of a pot, the soup could be burning because…a) there is not enough water in with the veggies so it burns, or b) the flame is up to much so it burns, or c) the pot is to thin and the normal level of heat transfers through to quick so it burns. All of these problems burn the soup but the solution to the problems is unique to the case; you add water to the stock, turn down the heat or get an iron plate to place between the flame and pot.

An Acupuncturist works with your individual circumstances to bring you into balance and harmony. We spent time with our clients, tend to be funny and personable, explain what we find in language you can understand, and genuinely care for the people we serve. After 3000 years of experience, it is ancient medicine for the modern world.