balance-230Pain, Acute and Chronic

Acupuncture is an invaluable resource for anyone dealing with pain. At Uptown Acupuncture, liberating people from pain is our specialty. No matter if it is a sports injury or chronic low back pain, we will be able to diagnose and treat accordingly to provide maximum relief in the fewest visits possible.


Some clients feel their weekly acupuncture treatment keeps them grounded so they can deal with their stressful lives with grace. Acupuncture can allow the body to soften the mind and quiet the spirit to be awake. Acupuncture excels at calming the nervous system promoting relaxation and and providing a feeling of peace without drugs
or harsh side effects.


Alleviates pain and improves range of motion. Helps athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts. Enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow- the body’s natural defense system. Decreases anxiety and stress levels. Massage let’s the body relax and unwind!

Auto & Work Injuries

Acupuncture speeds the healing process so you can get back to a normal life as fast as possible. With a valid prescription from your doctor, there is no cost to you in Auto/ work injury claims. We provide a wide range of therapies for our clients including electro-acupuncture, Myo-facial release massage, Infrared therapy, strength training, and neuro-muscular re-education.

Facial Rejuvenation

Your inner health shines through. If you look healthy on the outside, you know through this system, that you’re healthier on the inside. Your beauty is more than skin deep! Reduce wrinkles, revitalize your skin, and sharpen your jaw line. Achieve noticeable changes with acne, blemishes and other problem skin conditions. Call for an appointment today. This nationally recognized system facilities the migration of collagen and elastin…yielding results which last for years.