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Tennis Elbow Testimonial by Alex

My tennis elbow had been bothering me for quite a while and was getting worse. I came to see Kirk and was welcomed into his beautiful office. His gentle and fun way put me instantly at ease. He was able to reduce my pain after just one treatment. The whole experience...

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New trends in the medical community

Many doctors are beginning to refer their patients to acupuncturists to treat their injuries. Acupuncture is a thousands of years old tradition based on healing the body along the hidden lines of energy that…

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The benefits of acupuncture

The tradition of acupuncture therapy for treating chronic and acute pain is a true method of healing based on certain points in the body that when stimulated, allow the body to function better based on the body’s flow of energy.

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Recipe Box: Middle Eastern Super Salad

Tabouleh Today we profile Parsley the partner to Bulgur (the sister to cracked wheat) in the fabulous Middle Eastern salad known as Tabouleh. Parsley is native to the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe. While it has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years,...

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