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Are you coming in for your first treatment? Read some tips to make your experience an enjoyable one.

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First Timer’s Guide

We use tiny needles that really should be called filaments. They are so thin we need a plastic guide tube to get it through the skin, or else it would just bend. They do not hurt.

When an acupuncture needle is inserted, we look for a sensation called “Da Qi,” characterized by a heavy, dull, achy feeling. Other times, we choose to activate a motor point which can facilitate a muscle twitch. Motor points are specific points in muscles that function as a reset button for the muscle. We will use these to create postural balance.


After completing your initial paperwork (if you haven’t done that on line already), Kirk will take a history, asking you questions about the issues you want to address.

Then Kirk will perform the acupuncture on a premium table with fresh white sheets, heat lamp, aroma therapy, and soft music from a state-of-the-art sound system. He will give you a buzzer so if there’s any reason you need him during the session when you’re relaxing with the needles in you, Kirk can be there at a moment’s notice.


On the day of your treatment, make sure you have eaten within 3-4 hours, but do not overeat. Low blood sugar can cause needle sensitivity.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing if you can; if needed, draping and gowns will be provided.

You should not be intoxicated! Having you as clear as possible will help us figure out your particular patterns. Try to avoid caffeine on treatment day. Please keep your dosage of pain medication to a minimum; this will help us assess relief during the treatment.

Please let us know if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Try to pay particular attention to the issue you are being treated for. This means tuning into where in the shoulder does it hurt, exactly…what is the nature of the pain? Hot, burning, dull, achy, diffuse, pinpointed? These are the kinds of questions that may be asked during the assessment interview.

If you are on medications or are taking supplements, it is a great idea to bring a complete list for your practitioner.


If you are not sure your insurance policy covers acupuncture, we would be happy to check for you free of charge.

You can fill out the forms here online (preferably prior to your first appointment) or call us at 619. 800-7000 for more information. You may also fax us at 619. 800-7000 with a copy of your insurance card with your DOB and phone number on it, or scan and email it to us.  You can also reach us by text as 619. 339-9980.