I’m pleased to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and explain how I can be of assistance to you. As an acupuncture provider, I’ve worked with personal injury and Workers Compensation cases for over 15 years to effectively treat the pain as well as the psychological aspects of physical trauma.

I’m requesting referrals from you. From my reputation and Yelp reviews, you can be assured your clients will be grateful for this referral. I understand the diversity of injury and case strengths and feel confident I can provide the appropriate amount of services on a case by case basis, as I build a relationship with your firm.

Experienced in understanding the mechanism of injury in auto accidents, I can read a written MRI report with fluency, and modify my acupuncture treatments accordingly. Skilled in treating acute trauma, I also understand the requisite details and variances in charting functional improvement assessments. I’m happy to work with other health care providers, including the Primary Treatment Physician, to ensure continuity of care.

I work like an orthopedist who uses acupuncture as his main modality, along with massage, stretching and kinesiotaping. I feel my particular strengths lie in a unique ability to “read the body”: a visceral sensitivity to the pain areas of the myofascia, combined with interpersonal skills to be present, personable, and animated with the client. To listen to their own descriptions of discomfort, and explain my analysis and techniques clearly, often with the use of analogies, so the client can truly understand the nature of bodily dysfunction, and its treatments.

Acupuncture for pain relief is very effective in post-auto injury, and, generally, more relevant than ever. As you know, Americans increasingly spend time in a stationary position, often at computers. In addition, the current opiate epidemic, and government’s increased regulations, affect so many individuals adversely.

Successful treatment provides many benefits beyond pain and anxiety reduction, including improvement in posture, range of motion, digestive functioning, sleep disorders, and most of all, increased hope.

I understand the value of having a flexible and consistent health care provider to work with you in your client’s care, and I’m committed to providing that service.