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Open Letter to MD’s

Dear Dr.,

The medical landscape is changing all the time and I feel it is our job is to adapt to those changes to best serve our patients. Most MD’s I have spoken with do not refer out to Acupuncture because they are not clear how Acupuncture can be of service to their patients. Granted, not all Acupuncturists do the same thing or practice the same way. I have chosen to tailor my practice to be very compatible with the Western Algorithm of treatment. I read MRI radiology reports, do Ortho-Neuro assessments, Postural assessments, and Manual Muscle tests. I can write an initial evaluation and follow up reports showing functional improvement as well. I frequently report back to nurse case managers in authorized worker’s comp claims and keep in contact with attorneys in Personal Injury cases.

Sometimes pain medications make patients feel too strange, or physical therapy did not make the pain go completely away. Physical Therapists in California are not allowed to perform “dry needling”. Sports Medicine Acupuncture is an advanced version of that technique, and I can use it to effectively get your patients feeling better. If your patient still is in pain, you can now refer them to me knowing they are in good hands and will be treated professionally.

I get repeat referrals when patients go back to their Doctors and thank them for referring them to me. But, the Doctor needs to have enough confidence in the referral to make it the first time. So I invite you, refer a client in pain to me. One of your tough cases that will not go away and calls you for help all the time. Have your staff or the patient fill out the free insurance screening on my website and let’s see if we can get them in for a simple co-pay. The patient comes in, gets better, and stops calling you for help, so you can help others. Everybody wins.

I can send you an initial report if you wish, or you can wait until they patient comes back for re-assessment to hear from them about their experience; let me know your preference. I am committed to providing consistent professional services that match or exceed expectations of practitioners and patients. That is why all of my Yelp reviews are 5 stars.

I would be happy to introduce himself to you in person, just give me a call. I will drop cards off at your office as well, if you prefer.

Thank you for your time and interest,
Kirk Pfeiffer M.S. L.Ac. cSMA

Mature Man Wary

First Timers’ Guide

This information is to prepare you for your acupuncture treatment
On the day of your treatment, make sure you have eaten within 3-4 hours but do not overeat.

A Twinkie and a Coke doesn’t equal a meal…
Wear loose comfortable clothing if you can, if needed draping and gowns will be provided.

You should not be intoxicated
Having you be as clear as possible will help us figure out your particular patterns. Caffeine should be avoided treatment day or try your best.

Please keep your dosage of pain medication to a minimum; this will help us assess relief during the treatment.

Please let us know if you are trying to get pregnant or if you are pregnant
Try to pay particular attention to the issue you are getting treated for. This means noticing where in the shoulder does it hurt, exactly…what is the nature of the pain? Hot, burning, dull and achy? These are the kinds of questions that may be asked during the assessment interview.

If you are on medications or are taking supplements, it is a great idea to bring a complete list for your practitioner.

If you are not sure your insurance policy covers Acupuncture, we would be happy to check for you free of charge.
You can fill out the forms here online or call us at 619.800.7000 for more information. You may also fax us at 619.800.7000 with a copy of your insurance card with your DOB and phone number on it.