medical_doctor-230In the medical community, there’s a new trend happening.

Many doctors are beginning to refer their patients to acupuncturists to treat their injuries. Acupuncture is a thousands of years old tradition based on healing the body along the hidden lines of energy that run along the body. When these points are stimulated, it allows the body to heal from injuries. Although the lines are not visible to the eye, through thousands of years of practice and research, acupuncturists have located all of the body’s hidden lines and meridians of energy and through effective application and stimulation of the points, a person’s body is made capable of allowing itself to heal of an infirmity or injury.

Acupuncture is also based on the premise that the body is resilient and will heal itself.

However, if the energy lines that run through the body of an individual are blocked, healing and freedom from pain are not allowed by one’s own body, making a person incapable of effectively getting better from their own infirmity. If the lines of energy running through one’s body are allowed to successfully run correctly without blockage, the body can and will heal itself. Though western medicine has for several centuries been skeptical of the efficiency and legitimacy of acupuncture, western medicine is finally coming around to realize the benefits of treating the problem and not merely the symptom when applied to medical problems of the human body. Hence, many Doctors of Western medicine have been referring their patients to an acupuncturist, enabling the individual to effectively become healed through holistic means.

Western medicine is finally coming around to realize the benefits of treating the problem and not merely the symptoms

Though acupuncture is gaining popularity amongst practitioners of Western Medicine, many referred patients find themselves arriving at an acupuncturist and are surprised by the seeming simplicity of the techniques used to heal them. Largely, that’s because traditionally, individuals in the West have become accustomed to only being treated for their symptoms and not for the source of the problems which causes their symptoms. The idea of an ancient system of medicine that provides for overall bodily healing amazes most newly familiarized individuals to acupuncture. They tend to be surprised due to the fact for all the years that they’ve sought expensive medical advice from Western Medicine, a much less expensive alternative to physical therapy through holistic healing has been available to them.

a much less expensive alternative to physical therapy through holistic healing

The acupuncturist himself is becoming a commodity which is a prized asset and a necessity in several communities. In the sports community, the acupuncturist has become someone that Western doctors will refer professional athletes to in order to treat sports injuries, chronic pain caused by sports trauma, and acute pain in such locations as wrists and ankles. Many acupuncturists have been the saving grace which have allowed an athlete to continue playing competitively without the worry of reoccurring pain. In the “blue collar” work community, doctors have began referring workers to acupuncturists in order to treat pains in such places as the neck and shoulder due to excessive lifting or excessive pain in the back due to improper bending. After being treated, the workers are capable of working again, making sure that they can provide for their loved ones. As well, individuals from the dance community have been referred to acupuncturists by Western doctors in order to facilitate healing in such places as their knees.

Acupuncture provides orthopedic treatment for knee pain

and can put a dancer back on the dance stage quickly. The dancers are then able to perform without the worry of falling on stage due to a painful injury during their performance. Several types of communities, as well as the common individual, that are in need of pain relief have started to be referred to acupuncturists by Western Doctors. The basic goal of all acupuncture is to heal, no matter the type of community an individual comes from. Here at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego, we welcome you, from whatever community you come from; be it the work community, the athletic community, the dance community, or just someone looking to heal. We’d like to help you to be free of your pain by our time proven method of acupuncture. Our office is here in beautiful San Diego, and

We believe you shouldn’t have to suffer from any pain, be it chronic or acute.

Through the ancient methodology of our practice in acupuncture , Uptown Acupuncture offers you an alternative to painful physical therapy to treat your injuries. Our prices are as low as $10 per visit and we have free insurance screening. We are capable of treating pain anywhere that you have it on your body and we look forward to treating you so that you can live pain free and healthy. It is our purpose to provide you with the best treatment to effectively heal your pain.