I recently visited Kirk at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego for my first acupuncture treatment.

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first because I was skeptical that it would actually work.

And there was also the whole thing about having needles placed all over my body that caused me to not be too excited.

I play the piano and after years of beating up my hands I was at a point where I was experiencing constant pain and could barely make a fist. Kirk immediately put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. He explained the entire process and answered all on my questions. He also gave me a lot of good everyday advice I could follow to help elevate my pain.

The process itself was effortless.

He had soft music playing and after he had placed all the needles in the right spots to move my energy around, I simply closed my eyes and relaxed. After he came back in the room and removed the needles I instantly felt relief. I knew immediately that this was a wise decision.

I played the piano the next day at church and I was able to play some awesome chords and do some really quick runs that I hadn’t been able to play in years.

With a few more treatments people might mistake me for Liberace – now I just need the frilly outfits and off the Vegas I go 😉


Thank you Kirk. I am looking forward to coming back and continuing my treatment. I really appreciated your genuine concern for me and for helping me to experience to benefits of acupuncture.

Jeff Hall 44, 2/2010

At Uptown Acupuncture San Diego, we take great pride in facilitating a great first experience for our clients. We know the idea of having needles placed in the body can be unnerving for some people. The fact that our first timers stay with us and continue treatment is just another reason why you should give acupuncture a try at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego!