Having had a severe on the job injury about 12 years ago, I have become accustomed to regular flare ups in my neck and back about every six months. Yesterday morning I awakened to the worst neck and back pain I have felt since the initial injury. Merely moving my fingers wracked my body in pain and made me yelp out to the point where my dog was getting scared for me.

After dealing with the nightmare for half a day, and taking medications that did not work. I contacted Kirk and thought I would give his acupuncture a try, he was able to move things around and see me that day!

I had never had acupuncture before, as I am a “needle-phobe”. I was willing to try anything at that point. Kirk’s demeanor is very relaxing and he was able to find the problem spots very quickly, I actually could have stayed on the table all evening. After an hour of his treatment I was able to put my shirt back on by myself, lifting my arms over my head, with minimal discomfort.

This morning when I awoke, knowing I had 3 important appointments, I then realized I had ZERO pain, and no side effects or discomfort whatsoever.
I am no longer a “needle-phobe”, and will be a regular client of Kirk’s when the need arises in the future.

Glenn Burch, age 40

1/21/10,  Hillcrest. CA