I went to Kirk at Uptown Acupuncture San Diego because my neck was stiff and I had trouble looking over my shoulder. Kirk put a needle in my wrist and asked me to move my head. All of the sudden I could move it further than before. He added a couple more needles in a couple of other places and I rested for a few minutes. Then he asked me to move my head again. Incredibly, I could move it freely without pain or stiffness. I asked how that was possible and he said he used a method called “The Balance Method” by which you do not put a needle where it hurts but to a corresponding point. It works like magic and I would recommend it to anyone!

Heike (65 yo tax preparer – Jul 14, 2009)

note:  The balance method is just one of the many acupuncture styles employed by Kirk, point selection is based on pattern differentiation and constitutional client type.