Why Us?

Experience: Kirk has reached a high level of mastery in treating pain due to 12 years of practice,countless years of education and thousands of patient visits. You will know whether or not Acupuncture is working for you within 2-3 treatments.

Results: Kirk is an expert at walking beginners through treatment so the result is a positive one. For years patients have been raving about Uptown Acupuncture on Yelp. Be sure to check the additional reviews.

Listening: Finally a health care provider that makes sure you get heard. Listening to the body is an important part of Chinese Medicine. Listening to the patient is an important part of being a good healer.

Reasonable cost: Uptown Acupuncture offers a free Insurance Screening. Our billing company will check to see if you have coverage for Acupuncture treatments. Just click the “ ” button, click on the insurance screen, fill out the contact form and press send. Our billing company will check to see if I am an in-network provider for you, if you have a deductible and what that currently is, how many visits you get per calendar year, what your co-pay is and if there are any restrictions. We will contact you with that information promptly.

Kirk’s new patient initial visit cash rate (providing time of service discount) is $125 and takes a little over an hour. Follow-up sessions are $75 and will have you in and out within 1 hour.

Evening Appointments: Kirk is currently in the Hillcrest office Monday and Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoon. He would love to be able to treat more patients in Hillcrest, however he is the Director of Acupuncture at Crosby Square Chiropractic and it takes up most of his time.

Massage/Bodywork: Gordon provides exceptional bodywork custom tailored to your needs, at a great price.

What Our Clients Say…